Thank you for your interest in the products of Cartridge Center.

This limited warranty covers defects in any compatible products sold by Cartridge Center.

Cartridge Center warrants products of compatible brands to be free of defects or deficiencies for a period of one (1) year from the date of sale for laser cartridges, and six (6) months for inkjet cartridges. Tonner bottles, printer ribbons, and other office supplies of compatible brands are guaranteed for a period of thirty (30) days. 

Any product purchased from Cartridge Center found to be defective during this period of time will be exchanged at no cost to the client. 

In addition, Cartridge Center warrants that any product purchased from us, under normal use, will not cause damage or deterioration to any printer, fax or photocopier for which the product was intended. Any claim to this effect must be substantiated with satisfactory proof that the product was directly responsible for any such damage or failure. Any claim must include a written statement on the letterhead of the service company. Upon satisfactory verification by a Cartridge Center representative, we will provide credit for the service cost in question.

This limited warranty will be considered null and void if the product is disassembled, altered, used or stored in any way that is considered to be abnormal. It excludes any damage caused by the owner modifying, attempting to fix, or otherwise altering the product.

This limited warranty does not warrant that the product won’t become obsolete at some point in the future. 

Cartridge Center’s liability shall be limited to the replacement or credit as defined herein. No other expressed or implied warranty shall exist. 

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products must be covered by the original manufacturer.

Cartridge Center’s toner cartridges are manufactured to meet or exceed manufacturers’ specifications.